Tip Lane Cycle Track

Tip Lane Cycle Track
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Here's a view of Lang Fields from the Tip Lane cycle track:
View from Tip Lane

Wirral Council plans to sacrifice the Tip Lane Cycle Track as part of its plans for the Hoylake Golf Resort.

The Tip Lane Cycle Track runs from Hoylake to Gilroy Allotments, Gilroy Nature Reserve, and Gilroy Road in West Kirby.

The cycle track appears on Wirral Council's cycle map (see map, marked in brown) and is one of just a few safe off-road cycle routes in the area.

See the YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmOC1ts6bic

It has been used for cycling for decades but current plans with Marriott Hotels and Nicklaus developers are to scrap it - only walking would be permitted (probably via another route).

At the Gilroy Road end of the track, Wirral Council has in the past installed a cycle-friendly kissing gate, so it has clearly been Council policy to promote cycling on this route:
Tip Lane kissing gate

The track is used by people to cycle to Hoylake Station to get to work, and by children to cycle safely to Hilbre High School. According to the Merseyside Local Transport Plan, Wirral Council should be building more cycle routes - not taking them away.

Wirral Council has been trying to keep this quiet - it was not mentioned at the November 2015 displays (except as an answer to people who specifically asked about it), or at the Wirral Council Active Travel Forum of November 2015.

Save Tip Lane Campaign

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