Tip Lane Legal Status

The available evidence points to the following - please get in touch with if any correction is needed.

Tip Lane is a permissive right of way. It is an ancient metalled single-track route and vehicles could be driven the length of it until some time around the 1970s, when a gate was added at the Gilroy Road end.

It has been in regular use for cycling probably since cycling became popular in the nineteenth century, and certainly since the 1950s.

It was in regular use for cycling when Wirral Council was formed.

The full length of Tip Lane has not yet been designated as a right of way - there has never yet been a need as the land that it passes over is community-owned - just as people walk though parks or cycle through parks where routes have been designated as for cyclists (as in Arrowe Park) - but with the possible change of ownership of the land from community-owned to the proposed golf resort, there is now a need to formalised the permissive cycle track to a right of way.